Graduated from a master’s degree in business intelligence (MSIE) at the Ecole de Guerre Economique (School of Economic War) in 2005 in Paris, Jean Robin is a journalist, author of 43 books, former publisher for 13 years, an information website for 6 years, and creator of 6 companies including 3 start-ups. He has lived in French Polynesia since May 2015.

With the global crisis, he decided to launch a production of high-quality videos of a strategic, political, economic, social and anticipatory nature to allow french speaking people who wish to be able to follow events one step ahead and maximum acuity.

He bases his work on its network of personal and public sources, identified during his global investigation, mainly in the French-speaking, anglo-Saxon and asian media.

Since the launch of his videos on March 17, 2020, he has produced a 45 min video 3 times a week, and many of his predictions have been verified, as his early subscribers know. Those who follow his work for a long time know that he predicted the election of Donald Trump back in July 2015 on his information website.

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